Our Planning Process

  • Comprehensive data gathering and clear development of your short term and long term objectives.
  • A detailed review and accounting of your current assets, income and expenses, and understanding of what you will need to live on in retirement.
  • Analysis and modeling of your current asset structure, and determining the probability of these assets and income achieving your financial independence, charitable, and distribution objectives.
  • Prioritizing goals and issues.
  • Educating and advising you on a full range of strategies that will give you the best chance to reach individual objectives. You will have a team that is focused on your entire financial situation.
  • We will work with your other advisors to make sure that your comprehensive plan is properly coordinated, integrated and executed.
  • Regular reviews, annually at a minimum, to monitor your situation, make sure you are on track to meet your objectives, and revise your plan as necessary

Our Planning Process consists of three phases and six steps: